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5 Lug Bolt Patterns

5 Lug Bolt Patterns are usually manufactured for your mid-size, standard, full size and luxury vehicles. 5 Lug Bolt Patterns are one of the most commonly used bolt patterns making it easier to find custom or after market wheels for the vehicle. 5 Lug Bolt Patterns consist of the following bolt patterns in millimeters 5X100, 5X108, 5X110, 5X112, 5X114.3, 5X115, 5X120, 5X120.7, 5X127, 5X130, 5X135, 5X139.7, 5X150, 5X165.1. 5 Lug Bolt Patterns consist of the following bolt patterns in inches 5X4.0, 5X4.25, 5X4.33, 5X4.41, 5X4.50, 5X4.53, 5X4.72, 5X4.75, 5X5.0, 5X5.12, 5X5.31, 5X5.50, 5X5.91, 5X6.50.

  • 5X100-5X4.00 Bolt Pattern5X100 – 5X4.0
  • 5X108-5X4.25 Bolt Pattern5X108 – 5X4.25
  • 5X110-5X4.33 Bolt Pattern5X110 – 5X4.33
  • 5X112-5X4.41 Bolt Pattern5X112 – 5X4.41
  • 5X114.3-5X4.50 Bolt Pattern5X114.3 – 5X4.50
  • 5X115-5X4.53 Bolt Pattern5X115 – 5X4.53
  • 5X120-5X4.72 Bolt Pattern5X120 – 5X4.72
  • 5X120.7-5X4.75 Bolt Pattern5X120.7 – 5X4.75
  • 5X127-5X5.00 Bolt Pattern5X127 – 5X5.0
  • 5X130-5X5.12 Bolt Pattern5X130 – 5X5.12
  • 5X135-5X5.31 Bolt Pattern5X135 – 5X5.31
  • 5X139.7-5X5.50 Bolt Pattern5X139.7 – 5X5.50
  • 5X150.7-5X5.91 Bolt Pattern5X150 – 5X5.91
  • 5X165.1-5X6.50 Bolt Pattern5X165.1 – 5X6.50